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Employee Modules

The attached electronic professional development modules have been designed and prepared by associate staff in the State Superintendent's Office and in each division's main office. Staff prepared these brief modules with two purposes: to orient new employees to routine WVDE procedures and to review routine WVDE procedures for current employees.

With that in mind, Pam Bird, Liz Bryant, Gloria Burdette, Brenda Freed, Virginia Harris, Renee Hodges, Donna Jones, Cyndi Miller, Gigi Parsons, Marlene Price and Darcel Vermillion developed eight electronic modules for use by all our staff. We invite all of you to check out the high quality work of our colleagues by going to the home page of the Office of Human Resources.

All employees are invited to use the modules as they are needed. It is expected that all modules will be used by new employees along with their mentors during the first three months of employment as a way of acquainting themselves with routine procedures. If any errors, outdated information, or broken links are found within the modules, the learner is asked to notify Liz Bryant in the Office of Human Resources.

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