West Virginia School Climate Survey
     In December 2011, the West Virginia Board of Education enacted Expected Behaviors in Safe and Supportive Schools to provide a framework for developing optimal learning conditions for both students and school staff.  Implementation of the policy calls on school districts and schools to establish a process to gain school-wide input from students, staff, parents and community, and to build a commitment to school climate/culture improvement. Although it is up to schools to decide how to gain the input, the West Virginia Department of Education (WVDE) offers the West Virginia School Climate Surveys for that purpose at no cost to districts or schools.

     As part of the data-driven planning process, schools may conduct three interrelated surveys:  1) Student (separate versions for elementary students and for middle/high students);  2) School Staff; and  3) Parent/ Caregiver.  These surveys are conducted online and provide critical information about the learning and teaching environment, the health and well-being of students, and supports for parents, school staff, and students. The WVDE offers two opportunities each school year for schools to participate in the surveys; the first in the fall semester followed by a second opportunity in the spring semester.  The WVDE also makes every effort to provide schools reports of their survey results in as short a time as possible after the close of each survey window.  Examples of selected survey products are available here.

     The surveys will be open between April 8 and May 24, 2019.  Below are links to resources for schools interested in participating.  A guidance document is provided which contains detailed information needed to plan for, schedule, and successfully administer the surveys.  To participate schools must register. A link is provided to the online registration page which will be open through May 17, 2019.  It is also important that school staff, parents, and students have an opportunity to see survey questionnaires prior to participation.  Links to printable pdf versions to each questionnaire are listed. Finally, for the student surveys parental informed consent is an important and necessary step. Generic parental consent forms are contained in the appendix of the guidance document, however links to both pdf and MS Word format versions also are provided below.

Guidance for the Administration of the West Virginia School Climate Surveys
Register for the Spring 2019 Surveys  
Survey Questionnaires (Printable versions only.  Links to the live online surveys are provided to schools at a later time).
  Elementary Student (Grades 3 - 5) Questionnaire
  Middle/High Student (Grades 6 - 12) Questionnaire
  School Staff Questionnaire
  Parent Questionnaire
Parental Consent Forms (See the survey guidance document above for more information about informed consent).
  Passive Consent Form    (Pdf)    (Word)
  Active Consent Form    (Pdf)    (Word)

The WV School Climate Student Survey was adapted from the California Healthy Kids Survey. Permission to use questions from that survey has been granted to the WV Department of Education by the California Department of Education.