Jan asks Carol to go swimming with her. Carol agrees to go, then calls her cousin and invites her to go along, without discussing it with Jan. What feelings would Jan have? What could she do?

Skip School
You are walking home for lunch with two of your friends. They decide to skip school for the afternoon. John's parents have gone away for the day so he wants you to go over to his house. What do you do? What choices do you have?

Substitute Teacher
Joyce wanted to be included in a particular group at school. The group always seemed to be having a good time. They never asked Joyce if she would go along with the group as they gave the substitute teacher a bad time. They planned to change seats, pass notes, make signs behind the teacher's back, etc. Joyce remembered how the last substitute had left the room crying and how sorry she felt about it. The group kept urging Joyce to join them. What could she do? What were the consequences?

It is a Saturday afternoon. You are with a group of friends at the shopping center. They decide to hitch-hike home. You are the only one who hesitates and says, maybe. What can you do? What are the consequences?

You will be taking a very important test in school at the end of the week, but find you will be out of town. You arrange to take the test early, before you go. A group of your friends wants you to tell the questions and answers. What are your choices? What are the consequences?

The Club
You and a group of your friends are forming a new club. The initiation for the club is that each member must shoplift a pack of cigarettes. You know this is wrong but you really want to be in the club. What choices do you have? What do you do?

The Kitten
Coming home from school, Pam and Cindy find a kitten. Both girls want to take it home with them. What are their feelings? What could they do?

You are with a group of friends when one pulls out a pack of cigarettes. Everyone takes one and they begin to light up. You start feeling uncomfortable. What are your choices? What would you do? Why?

The work spread through school that there is going to be a party Friday night and there will be beer. You really want to go but are afraid of the consequences. What are the choices and consequences? What would you do?

Your best friend's brother offers you and your best friend some marijuana. Your friend is very excited and ready to smoke it. You hesitate and they call you chicken. What are your choices? What are the consequences? What would you do?

The Bully
The class bully has beaten you up several times in the past few weeks. He threatens to really hurt you if you tell anyone. Your teacher notices your bruises and asks you what happened. What could you do?

The Car
Your parents are gone and your friend suggests you take the car out for a short drive. You are afraid but your friend insists that she knows how to drive. What would you do?