*GRADE Kindergarten*


Primary Standard: Communication


Learning Plan Title: "He Said, She Said!"


HE.K.5.4 Discuss ways to be a responsible listener.

Performance Descriptor:

Mastery Level:  Students will discuss ways to be a responsible listener.


No material needed.

Learning Plan:  

  • The teacher will have students sit or stand in a large circle.
  • The teacher will begin by whispering to a student - "Sally is going to wear a red dress to Kevin's birthday party next week".
  • The object of this activity is for each student to repeat this story by whispering it into his or her neighbor's ear.
  • This continues until every student has heard the story.
  • The last student will say aloud what he/she heard.
  • Note:  Tell students that the story cannot be repeated and if a student doesn't understand part of the story but to do their best to repeat it to their neighbor.
  • Process the results of this activity.