*GRADE Kindergarten*



Primary Standard: Communication


Learning Plan Title: “Safe or Unsafe?”


HE.K.5.3 Differentiate between safe and unsafe situations involving touch.

Performance Descriptor:

Mastery Level:  Students will differentiate between safe and unsafe situations involving touch.


Pictures or index cards describing “safe and unsafe situations”.

Learning Plan

  • Teacher will cite situations (e.g. getting into a car with a stranger - unsafe , running in the school halls  - unsafe , coloring in a coloring book - safe ). Discuss what may be a good touch or a bad touch in relationship to personal safety.
  • Teacher will instruct the students to remain seated if they feel the above situations are "safe" and stand if they feel the situations are "unsafe".
  • A different twist could be to use pictures of "safe" and "unsafe" situations instead of using verbal cues. (Caution must be exercised when presenting pictures. Make sure community norms are respected).
  • Teacher will discuss appropriate touches and what to say and do.

Related Health Content Standards and Objectives:

Standard 3:  Health Behaviors

HE.K.3.5  Students will identify actions that might lead to accidents or dangerous situation at school or in the community.

Standard 6:  Goal Setting and Decision Making

HE.K.6.3  Students will determine the appropriate people to ask for help in . . . child abuse situations

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