*GRADE Kindergarten*


Primary Standard: Communication


Learning Plan Title: How to be a Friend


HE.K.5.2 Show various ways of communicating care and consideration for others.

Performance Descriptor:

Mastery Level:  Students will show various ways of communicating care and consideration of others.

Materials :

1- 18" x 18" square of butcher paper for each child

Learning Plan:  

Related Health Content Standards and Objectives:

Standard 1:  Health Promotion and Disease Prevention

HE.K.1.4  Students will label/identify feelings (e.g. happy, angry, sad).

Standard 5:  Communication

HE.K.5.1  Students will demonstrate the use of "I" statements when expressing needs or feelings.

HE.K.5.4  Students will discuss ways to be a responsible listener.

HE.K.5.5  Students will demonstrate respect for others' bodies and personal space.

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