GRADE Kindergarten


Primary Standard: Health Promotion

and Disease Prevention


Learning Plan Title: “Smash Smokeless Tobacco and Smoking”


HE.K.1.6 Identify tobacco as a harmful substance.

Performance Descriptor:

Mastery Level:  Students will identify why tobacco is a harmful substance.

Materials: two beanbags per student, teacher-created picture cards for each group or pair of students, tape

Learning Plan:  

•  Discuss tobacco as a plant and farming.

•  Emphasize that even though tobacco is natural plant, it is harmful to the body in many ways (teeth, gums, heart, lungs).

•  Divide class into partner pairs.

•  Create by the following picture cards:

•  Heart

•  Lungs

•  Teeth

•  Gums

•  Feet

•  Fingers

•  Knees

•  (Other body parts both correct and incorrect choices)

•  Play “Smash Tobacco Use Bull's-Eye”. Propose various questions to the pairs. Have each person toss beanbag to the body part that correctly answers each question. For each correctly answered question the pair scores a point. Process each question after student choice. Emphasis should be on all tobacco use is harmful. Sample questions include:

•  Which body parts in the mouth are affected when snuff or chewing tobacco is used?

•  Which body part helps us breathe and is affected by smoking?

•  Which body part pumps blood to all parts of the body and is affected when smokeless tobacco, cigarettes, cigars or other forms of tobacco are used?

•  Which body part is used to chew food and is affected by the use of smokeless tobacco?

•  (Of course—add questions as student need dictates.)


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