Primary Standard:

Goal Setting and Decision Making


Learning Plan Title: “Auction Game”


HE. 8.6.3 Students will describe how personal health goals are influenced by changing information, abilities, priorities and responsibilities.

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Mastery Level:  Students will  ?



One auction Items and Rules handout per student (or the items and rules may be listed on the blackboard)

Learning Plan:  


The following rules should be observed:

1. Opening bids for each item begin at 1,000 Life Units. If there are no bids at that price, students may start bidding at a lower price. However, no item can be sold for less than 200 units.
2. No person may bid two times in a row.
3. No bid may be raised by fewer than 50 units.
4. Any student, who bids more than the units she/he has available, automatically loses the privilege to bid on that item and is fined
500 units. The item is then re-auctioned to the other students.
5. No item may exceed 5,000 units in price.
6. If bidding increases until the 5,000 unit maximum is reached, the first person to place that 5,000 unit bid is awarded that item.
7. Each student is responsible for keeping track of his/her items purchased and units spent.
The auctioneer should start the auction by beginning the bidding at 1,000 units for world peace. The activity should continue under the direction of the appointed auctioneer for 30 minutes or until all the items are "sold." The recorder's task is to keep a running record of both items purchased and all units spent by each bidder. The recorder will also inform the auctioneer immediately if any student exceeds his/her 5,000 unit limit during the bidding.
1. What are some of the differences we heard expressed. How can we explain these differences?
2. "I learned that I valued _______________ more than

3. How often did someone outbid you for something you wanted? Does that happen in real life?
4. If you couldn't get what you wanted, did the other items seem more or less important to you?
HORIZONS Curriculum - pages 169 - 171 

Related Health Content Standards and Objectives:

Standard 6: Goal Setting and Decision Making

HE.8.6.1 Students will identify personal health goals and choose strategies regarding nutrition and alcohol, tobacco, drug use and personal safety to achieve optimal personal health.


Standard 1: Health Promotion and Disease Prevention

HE. 8.1.1 Students will identify and explain the components of total wellness.