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Health Promotion and Disease Prevention

(HE. S.1)



HE.6.1.1 describe the USDA food pyramid, including number and size of servings and basic nutrients needed for an adolescent female/male on a daily basis.


HE.6.1.2 identify the negative effects of alcohol, drugs, and tobacco.


HE.6.1.3 identify strategies for the prevention of communicable diseases (e.g., HIV).


HE.6.1.4 describe the major parts and functions of the nervous system.


HE.6.1.5 identify hereditary factors that affect adolescent development.


HE.6.1.6 list the steps for breathing emergencies and basic first aid.


HE.7.1.1 analyze the effects of various behaviors (e.g., substance abuse) on body systems and wellness.


HE.7.1.2 describe the major parts and functions of the reproductive system.


HE.7.1.3 identify general symptoms and potential long-term health consequences of STDs.


HE.7.1.4 demonstrate first aid procedures.


HE.8.1.1 identify and explain the components of total wellness.


HE.8.1.2 apply nutritional concepts to food choices and disease prevention.


HE.8.1.3 determine the risk factors leading to teen pregnancy, HIV/AIDS, and other sexually transmitted diseases.