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Health Information and Services

(HE. S.2)



HE.3.2.1 list places where health information is available.


HE.3.2.2 list people who promote community health.


HE.3.2.3 list information needed to place an accurate and efficient call to 9-1-1 .


HE.3.2.4 demonstrate basic first aid procedures.


HE.3.2.5 name different kinds of medicines and their appropriate and inappropriate uses.


HE.4.2.1 identify specific places in the community from which to seek health care, health information, and health enhancing activities.


HE.4.2.2 identify health related products advertised on TV (or through other media) and explain whom the media is trying to influence.


HE.4.2.3 identify ways a person with drug dependence can get help.



HE.5.2.1 list activities that community agencies do to promote safety.


HE.5.2.2 compare legal and illegal drugs (considering access, purpose, cost, effects on the body).