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Health Behaviors (HE.S.3)



HE.K.3.1 demonstrate proper clothing to wear for various weather conditions and various activities.


HE.K.3.2 describe various safety devices (e.g., helmets, knee and elbow pads) and their use in various activities.


HE.K.3.3 demonstrate safety procedures (e.g., street crossing and fire drills).

HE.K.3.4 identify household poisons and their symbols and drugs and medicines to avoid without supervised use,

HE.K.3.5 identify actions that might lead to accidents or dangerous situations at school or in the community.


HE.1.3.1 choose and verbalize proper use of safety equipment for different activities (e.g., riding in a car, rollerblading, bicycling, skateboarding, etc.).


HE.1.3.2 demonstrate healthy ways to act on feelings.


HE.1.3.3 identify personal activities that can keep the home, school and neighborhood pollution free.


HE.1.3.4 identify and follow safety rules (e.g., playground, water, electrical).


HE.1.3.5 demonstrate how to perform basic self-care/safety procedures (e.g., fire/weather drill, bus and auto safety skills).

HE.1.3.6 identify escape routes at home and school.


HE.1.3.7 list and follow safety rules for taking medicine.



HE.2.3.1 describe behaviors and habits that may be dangerous at home, on the playground, or in the community.


HE.2.3.2 demonstrate knowledge of appropriate safety skills and equipment for recreational activities (e.g., bike riding, rollerblading, skateboarding).


HE.2.3.3 demonstrate proper food handling techniques (e.g., washing apples, washing hands, using clean utensils).


HE.2.3.4 describe how tobacco and alcohol harm one's health.