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Goal Setting and Decision Making

(HE. S.6)



HE.6.6.1 use decision-making skills to protect against communicable and non-communicable diseases.


HE.6.6.2 explain how the goal setting and decision making processes are important in designing strategies to quit using tobacco and other risking behaviors.  


HE.7.6.1 apply the USDA Dietary Guidelines and Food Pyramid in meal planning.


HE.7.6.2 discuss the consequences of poor nutritional choices (e.g., eating disorders) for self and others (e.g., families and babies).


HE.7.6.3 clarify the process of a decision making model; predict situations and practice skills requiring decisions with alcohol, tobacco and other drugs.


HE.8.6.1 identify personal health goals and choose strategies regarding nutrition and alcohol, tobacco, drug use and personal safety to achieve optimal personal health.


HE.8.6.2 explain the effects that different choices, regarding sexual behaviors, can have on their personal future.


HE.8.6.3 describe how personal health goals are influenced by changing information, abilities, priorities and responsibilities.