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Goal Setting and Decision Making

(HE. S.6)



HE.3.6.1 set a goal to become involved in keeping the community clean.


HE.3.6.2 assess factors (e.g., food choices, physical activity, genetic factors) that contribute to achieving and maintaining a healthy body.


HE.3.6.3 list health related personal decisions and who might assist in making a positive decision.


HE.3.6.4 record food choices; with an adult, compare them to the recommended food chart to decide whether the choices were good.


HE.3.6.5 practice making good judgments in risky situations.


HE.4.6.1 record his/her own health-promoting habits and describe which activities/foods were good, health-promoting decisions.


HE.4.6.2 evaluate some dangerous situations, consider alternatives and identify the consequences of various choices.

HE4.6.2 Plan 2


HE.5.6.1 analyze disease prevention plans (e.g., diet and exercise).


HE.5.6.2 identify strategies to change an unhealthy behavior (e.g., smoking, overeating).

HE.5.6.2  B