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Media, Culture, and Technology

(HE. S.4)



HE.K.4.1 identify various tools that a doctor uses in a checkup.


HE.K.4.2 list favorite foods (e.g., pizza, tacos) and discuss the origins of each.


HE.1.4.1 describe family similarities and differences and how family structures change.


HE.1.4.2 discuss differences (physical, gender, culture, etc.) and their impact on role expectations.


HE.1.4.3 explain the importance of regular exercise (play) in a world of increasing technology.


HE.1.4.4 cite examples of how television, computers and video games affect personal health.




HE.2.4.1 explain the relationship between where people live and the foods they eat.


HE.2.4.2 recognize the ways news media, technology and other sources (e.g., music, magazine stories, classes) provide information about health.


HE.2.4.3 recognize that individuals have different cultural backgrounds that may impact health practices.


HE.2.4.4 explain how commercials influences the purchase of health related products and services.