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Media, Culture, and Technology

(HE. S.4)



HE.6.4.1 recognize that people grow and mature at different rates and have different body types than those portrayed by the media.


HE.6.4.2 analyze the influence that advertisers have on consumer choices (e.g., tobacco, alcohol and other consumer products).


HE.6.4.3 identify the importance of respecting people's differences.


HE.7.4.1 describe the influence of cultural beliefs on health behaviors (e.g., nutrition, hygiene, medical treatment, ATOD use) and the use of health services.

HE.7.4.2 explain the impact of peer harassment on physical, emotional and social health and identify necessary coping skills.


HE.7.4.3 recognize the importance of respecting individual differences.


HE.7.4.4 analyze media message about alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs.


HE.8.4.1 recognize bias in advertising and misleading media communication about health information, products and services.


HE.8.4.2 identify and interpret the effect of media messages on health and nutrition.

HE 8.4.2 Lesson 2


HE.8.4.3 identify the effect of culture and media messages on dating relationships.