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Media, Culture, and Technology

(HE. S.4)



HE.3.4.1 explore menus from fast food restaurants for nutritional value.


HE.3.4.2 identify changes to school and other public facilities that accommodate people with various kinds of challenges and/or cultural differences.


HE.3.4.3 compare and contrast what advertisements infer about smoking to what students have learned in school.


HE.4.4.1 analyze menus from culturally different restaurants for nutritional value.


HE.4.4.2 discuss examples of food advertising, identifying the purposes and the relationship to personal health.


HE.4.4.3 list TV programs that exemplify healthy family relationships and explain their selection.


HE.4.4.4 explain why healthy human bodies can be various shapes and sizes.


HE.4.4.5 explain how humans depend on their natural and constructed environments and that new ideas and inventions continue to influence their environments.


HE.4.4.6 use technology to examine/explore risks involved in not using appropriate safety skills and equipment for recreational purposes (e.g., bike riding, helmet use).

HE.5.4.1 explain how risk behaviors as seen on TV and movies may influence a student's future behaviors.


HE.5.4.2 explain peer and media impact upon common eating disorders and how to prevent them.


HE.5.4.3 analyze the cultural differences of health practices.


HE.5.4.4 recognize and respect people's differences.