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Health Information and Services

(HE. S.2)



HE.K.2.1   identify sources of help in school and community (e.g., teacher, policeman, etc.) who can be of assistance when one is exposed to dangerous substances.


HE.K.2.2   demonstrate the use of 9-1-1.


HE.K.2.3   identify healthy and unhealthy household products.


HE.K.2.4   identify health care resource persons (e.g., school nurse, dentist, eye doctor, etc.).


HE.1.2.1   identify which safety helpers (e.g., police and teachers) to contact for different problems.


HE.1.2.2   demonstrate when and how to use 9-1-1.


HE.1.2.3   identify harmful household products (e.g., bleach).



HE.2.2.1   identify sources of health information (e.g., pamphlets, internet, magazine, television, newspaper).


HE.2.2.2   explain the roles of safety personnel (e.g., crossing guards, police officers, EMTs, and firefighters).


HE.2.2.3   define first aid and give examples (e.g., cuts and burns).