GRADE 9-12


Primary Standard:


Learning Plan Title: What's Up, Doc?



•  HE.HS.7.4   The student will identify school support staff (e.g., counselors, nurses, professionals) and community health services (e.g., Big Brothers, mental health facilities, ministerial counseling) and describe the impact this service has on individual school and community health.


Performance Descriptor:

Mastery Level:  The student will locate community resources that promote health information and ideas.


Phone books, community health resource brochures, computer and Internet

Learning Plan:  



1.   Gather Materials: Obtain class copies of phone books from the telephone company and class copies of community

      services from the health department, hospitals, etc.


2.   Present lessons on medical terms taken from most common medical specialties in the phone book.(e.g., pediatrician,

      cardiologist, neurologist, etc.)


3.   At the conclusion of the lessons, students should be able to 1) recognize physicians by their medical title and 2) know

      what questions to ask healthcare providers.   



4.   Distribute activity cards with signs/symptoms of common diseases or disorders.  (Students may want to select a

      disease or disorder that is of interest to them, such as one they or family members may have experienced).


5.   Students will do research on the medical problem using their textbook, library materials, the Internet, or other 

      resources in order to locate information on the appropriate healthcare provider.(At least one source must be from the



6.   Using a phonebook's yellow pages, students will locate and list the specialists who treat the medical problem.


7.   Once students have located and compiled the information, they will write a short paper and give an oral report to the        class on the results of their research. The oral report must include a Power Point presentation.


8.   Students may substitute the oral report with a colorful poster created by a computer

      paint program (Corbel Draw, Print Shop, Paint Pro, etc.) that displays the required  information.


9.   Follow-up Group Activity: group students and have them to list questions patients should ask the doctor.   

10.  Evaluation Rubric.