GRADE 9-12


Primary Standard: Culture, Media and Technology

Learning Plan Title: "Who Goes for Logos?"



HE.HS.4.2: Students will evaluate how media perspectives of health impact on personal, family and community health.

Performance Descriptor:

Mastery Level:  Students will . . . identify motives of media impact on health behavior.




•  Worksheet

•  Magazines (can obtain outdated materials from school library

•  Poster paper

•  Coloring pens, crayons, etc.

Learning Plan:

Related Health Content Standards and Objectives:

Standard 5: Communication

HE.HS.5.1    Students will utilize skills for effective communication in discussions concerning ATOD, nutrition, sexuality, and relationships with peers, family and others.

HE.HS.5.3    Students will demonstrate a variety of communication skills (e.g., verbal, non-verbal, listening, writing, technology, workplace).

Standard 7: Advocacy

HE.HS.7.1    Students will use written, audio and visual communication methods to express health messages (e.g., posters, reports, role playing).