Primary Standard:

Culture, Media, Technology


Learning Plan Title: "Popcorn"



HE.HS.4.4    Identify factors in the community (e.g., religion, traditions, socioeconomic, geography, values) that influence health.

Performance Descriptor:

Mastery Level:  Students will identify the influences of culture of health behavior.


Popped popcorn, paper plates or paper towels, paper/pencil

Learning Plan:  

Instruct students to wash their hands, then distribute napkins to each.

1.   Have students divide into groups of 3 or 4.  Give each a small quantity of popcorn. Ask them to examine the popcorn, choose

      the "best" kernals and place them in one pile then place the "flawed" kernels in another pile. Don't give them any other


2.   Once they have sorted the popcorn, have them answer the following questions on a sheet of paper:

a.   What qualities of the "best" kernels set them apart from the others?

b.   What qualities of the "flawed" kernels set them apart from the others?

c.   Did any kernels fit neither category? If so, why?

d.   What would make a person a " popcorn " expert?

3.   After a few minutes, have students compile a checklist of how the "best" kernels should be chosen.

4.   Relate the popcorn to people by asking the following questions:
         a.  Are all of your popcorn kernels made of the same material?
         b.  When we eat the popcorn, do all the kernels taste the same?
         c.  Is one popcorn kernel really better than another?
         d.  Is one person better than another?

  e.  Are all people made of the same material?

  f.  Why do people judge others by what they look like rather than how they behave?


5.   Discuss the following: Imagine you are hanging off a cliff and are desperately clinging to a few

      blades of grass that are pulling loose from the ground. Suddenly, a hand appears from above to

      rescue you. Would you wait to see what that person looked like before you reached for help?


6.   Now eat the popcorn.

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