Primary Standard: Health Promotion And Disease Prevention


Learning Plan Title: “Teen Pregnancy Choices”


HE. 8.1.3 Students will determine the risk factors leading to teen pregnancy, HIV/AIDS, and other sexually transmitted diseases.

Performance Descriptor:

Mastery Level:  Students will identify all of the components of total wellness that must be present in order for one to achieve total well-being:  list the risk factors leading to and the impacts of teen pregnancy.


Paper and pencil

Learning Plan:  


1.  Students should view the after school special, "Babies Having Babies", or similar video the preceding day.
2.  Students form four cooperative groups.
3.  Each group will be assigned one of the following choices:  Single Parenthood , Marriage , Adoption , or Abortion .  Each group must decide on a recorder and a presenter.
4.  Students will now come up with a list of 5 pros and 5 cons related to their assigned choice if they become a teen pregnancy case.  The teacher should walk around to make sure everyone is participating.
5.  When each group has come up with 5 pros and 5 cons, they will their presentations to the class.  After a presenter has given the prose, the teacher will ask the entire class for additions or comments.  The cons will be presented for that choice.
6.  Consider each choice separately.  No debate or argument, just expression of opinion.  Allow plenty of time for discussion on each of the 4 choices of teen pregnancy.
The day after the presentations are completed, an anonymous survey could be administered.  Result of the survey should be reported to the class.
Note:  The 25 minute episode, " Eggbert " from Degrassi Junior High which teaches the responsibilities of caring for an infant could be shown sometime soon.  If "Baby Think It Over" dolls were available, this would be a good time to use them.

Related Health Content Standards and Objectives:

Standard 3: Health Behaviors

HE. 8.3.1 Students will identify and list ways to prevent pregnancy, emphasizing abstinence.

Standard 5: Communication

HE.8.5.1 Students will demonstrate ways to communicate care, consideration and respect of self and others.


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