Primary Standard: Health Behaviors


Learning Plan Title: “Love Me Too”


HE.8.3.1 Student will identify and list ways to prevent pregnancy, emphasizing abstinence.

Performance Descriptor:

Mastery Level: Students will compare safety guidelines for preventing unintentional and intentional injuries; list appropriate procedures to prevent pregnancy with emphasis on abstinence; review the laws and policies related to harassment in the school, community and job setting and recall school rules related to harassment; and identify the signs of various self-destructive behaviors.



Paper, pens or pencils, flip charts, and marking pens

Learning Plan:  

Lead a discussion on the dangers of having sex at their age. Have students generate dangers and write them on the board. Divide students into groups of four or five. Challenge students to list as many ways as possible of expressing affection without having sexual intercourse. Have one student from each group write suggestions on flip chart.

Related Health Content Standards and Objectives:

Standard 5 Communication (HE.S.5)

Students will:

HE.6.5.1   identify positive and socially appropriate ways to express needs, wants and feelings.

HE.6.5.2   identify communication skills to build and maintain healthy relationships.


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