Primary Standard:

Culture, Media and Technology


Learning Plan Title: “Board of Directors”


HE.7.4.1   describe the influence of cultural beliefs on health behaviors (e.g., nutrition, hygiene, medical treatment, ATOD use) and the use of health services.

Performance Descriptor:  

Mastery Level:  Students will state the different cultural beliefs and their impact on health behaviors; determine cause and effect of peer harassment and how this impacts total health; research, with assistance, historical events pertaining to individual/group differences and recognize the impact of such events on laws and social norms; and review ATOD media messages and interpret them with assistance.



Drawing of Board of Directors

Learning Plan:  

•  Lead a discussion of how others (parents, brothers, and sisters, friends, teachers, coaches, the media) influence the decisions that we all make.

•  Explain to students that the next activity will give them an opportunity to look at how their decision-making is affected by other people, values, and pressures.

•  Describe a board of directors: a board of directors is a small group of people who meet to make decisions for a company. They usually sit around a large table. Draw a rectangle on the board, the head of the company sits at the head of the table (draw a square at one end of the rectangle) and asks the others to help solve the problems, or to give advice. The board of directors (draw squares around the remaining sides of table) gives their opinions and argues among themselves about what should be done. The head of the company listens and makes the final decisions.

•  Suggest to students that when they make a decision, they are like the head of a company with their board of directors. Their parents, friends, and other important people sit on the board and influence what they decide. Some people, like friends and parents, have influence because one wants to please them. Parents and grandparents may influence them because they have instilled strong values in them.

•  Have students think of a decision that they made in which others influenced them. Have each student draw the board of directors who influenced that decision. Have each student answer the following questions: (1) Who influences you on a regular basis? (2) How do your friends influence your decisions? (3) Who on your board of directors helps you to make wise, healthy decisions? (4) Who, if any, on your board of directors continually influences you to make unhealthy decisions, which you later regret? And (5) What can you learn from this activity to use in future decision making?


Related Health Content Standards and Objectives:

Standard 6: Goal Setting and Decision Making (HE.S.6)

HE.8.6.3   describe how personal health goals are influenced by changing information, abilities, priorities and responsibilities.


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