Primary Standard: Advocacy

Learning Plan Title: Food Pyramid”


HE.5.7.2 Students will propose family menus that meet dietary guidelines.

Performance Descriptor:

Mastery Level:  Fifth grade students will recognize healthy family menus and select nutritional food choices.


Learning Plan:

Related Health Content Standards and Objectives:

HE.5.7.3 students will generate a convincing argument that nutritional value of foods should be a factor when making personal food choices (e.g., food labels).

HE.S.3 Health Behaviors

HE.5.3.4 Students will compare and contrast the nutritional value of foods when making personal food choices (e.g., food labels).


HE.S.6 Goal Setting and Decision Making

HE.5.6.2 Students will identify strategies to change an unhealthy behavior (e.g., smoking, overeating).

HE.S.4 Culture, Media, and Technology \

HE.5.4.2 Students will explain peer and media impact upon common eating disorders and how to prevent them.


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