Primary Standard: Goal Setting and Decision Making.


Learning Plan Title: "Disease Prevention Plan"



HE.5.6.1 Students will analyze disease prevention plans.

Performance Descriptor:

Mastery Level:  Fifth grade students performing at the mastery level will explain a disease prevention plan and log a personal plan to change an unhealthy behavior.


agar (available from biology supply stores), petri dishes, soap, and water.

Learning Plan:  

  • Divide the class into two groups.
  • One group will use sanitary means of preventing the spread of disease by washing hands.
  • Prepare the agar medium and pour into petri dishes.
  • Students will touch objects around the room such as doorknobs and water fountains.
  • After touching the doorknob, the student will was his/her hands thoroughly and then touch the agar medium in the petri dish.
  • Label each dish and observe the growth of bacteria over several days.
  • Compare results to the other group in the science activity.
  • What conclusions are drawn?

Related Health Content Standards and Objectives:

HE.5.6.2 Students will identify strategies to change an unhealthy behavior (e.g., smoking, overeating).

HE.S.1: Health Promotion and Disease Prevention

HE.5.1.1 Students will identify the five aspects of total wellness (e.g., physical, emotional, social, intellectual, spiritual) and typical changes that occur during adolescence.

HE.S.4: Culture, Media, and Technology

HE.5.4.3 Students will analyze the cultural differences of health practices

HE.S.7: Advocacy

HE.5.7.1 Students will verify personal vaccination and disease record.

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