Primary Standard:  Goal Setting and Decision Making


Learning Plan Title: What's the Difference?



HE.4.6.1 The student will record his/her own health-promoting habits and describe which activities/foods were good, health-promoting decisions.

Performance Descriptor:

Mastery Level:  Fourth grade students performing at the mastery level will record a personal health goal and select which activities were good decisions.


Internet, copy of food pyramid

Learning Plan

  • Discuss with students the meaning of the words nutrient and calorie.
  • Students may work in pairs to complete the interactive quiz at the URL listed below. This site provides lots of information about the nutrients contained in foods from each level of the food pyramid and how the body uses them.
  • Ask students to list their favorite foods and the nutrients they provide to our bodies.

Related Health Content Standards and Objectives :


Culture, Media, and Technology

HE.4.4.1 Students will analyze menus from culturally different restaurants for nutritional value.

HE.4.4.2 Students will discuss examples of food advertising, identifying the purposes and the relationship to personal health.


HE.4.7.2 Students will propose family menus that meet dietary guidelines.