Primary Standard: Health Information and Services

Learning Plan Title: “ Help!  9-1-1”


HE.3.2.3 Students will list information needed to place an accurate and efficient call to 9-1-1.

Performance Descriptor: 

Mastery Level:  Students will recognize basic first aid; and recognize how to place a 9-1-1 call.


Situation cards

Learning Plan:  

A pot of boiling vegetable soup has been knocked from the stove and spills onto Tommy's mother and the floor. She screams in pain as she calls for help.

After a “fast-paced” game of soccer, your friend is feeling dizzy. His face appears to be pale and dry.

You are eating dinner at home when suddenly your father begins to choke and then turns blue. He cannot seem to get his breath.

Related Health Content Standards and Objectives:

Standard 2:  Health Information and Services

HE.3.2.4  Students will demonstrate basic first aid procedures.

Standard 6:  Goal Setting and Decision Making

HE.3.6.5  Students will practice making good judgments in risky situations.

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