*GRADE: High School*



Primary Standard: Communication


Learning Plan Title: “What Qualities Are Important in Dating?”


HE.HS.5.1 Students will utilize skills for effective communication in discussions concerning ATOD, nutrition, sexuality, and relationships with peers, family and others.

Performance Descriptors:

Master Level:  Students will . . . describe appropriate ways to express feelings in a variety of situations.


Flip chart and markers

Video: 101 Ways to Make Love Without Doing It.

Learning Plan:  

Related Health Content Standards and Objectives:

Standard 5:  Communication

HS.HE.5.2  Students will exhibit healthy ways to express feelings, needs and desires in different situations.

Standard 6:  Goal Setting and Decision Making

Standard HS.HE.6.3  Students will analyze the effects of potentially harmful decisions that impact health and the effect these decisions have on their family, community, and self.

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