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The student will . . .











(HE. S.5)



HE.K.5.1 demonstrate the use of “I” statements when expressing needs or feelings.


HE.K.5.2 show various ways of communicating care and consideration of others (e.g., sharing, using “please” and “thank you”).

HE.K.5.2  B


HE.K.5.3 differentiate between safe and unsafe situations involving touching.


HE.K.5.4 discuss ways to be a responsible listener.


HE.K.5.5 demonstrate respect for other's bodies and personal space.


HE.1.5.1 discuss the concepts of responsibility, trust and respect for self and others.


HE.1.5.2 identify a variety of feelings and recognize the verbal and non-verbal cues associated with each.


HE.1.5.3 use refusal skills in potentially harmful or dangerous situations (e.g., riding a bike without a helmet, meeting strangers, using harmful substances).


HE.1.5.4 use “I can” statements when trying new activities.




HE.2.5.1 practice pro-social communication skills (e.g., please and thank you).


HE.2.5.2 discuss , define and demonstrate body language.


HE.2.5.3 identify appropriate uses of refusal skills.