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(HE. S.5)



HE.3.5.1 express needs and wants by communicating in positive and proactive ways.

HE.3.5.1 Lesson 2

HE.3.5.1 Lesson 3



HE.3.5.2 practice effective ways to say “No” (refusal skills) to those things that threaten safety.


HE.3.5.3 describe the steps involved in conflict resolution.


HE.3.5.4 discuss aggressive, passive and assertive ways to respond to conflict.


HE.4.5.1 express answers, both verbally and non-verbally, to “How do you feel today?”


HE.4.5.2 identify positive personal qualities that one has and state the qualities that one would like to see in their friends.


HE.4.5.3demonstrate communication skills necessary for making, being, and keeping friends.


HE.4.5.4 practice assertiveness and refusal skills.


HE.5.5.1 describe or demonstrate non-verbal expressions other than facial expressions (e.g., body language).


HE.5.5.2 use a variety of positive coping mechanisms/conflict resolution skills (e.g., negotiation through peer mediation) to deal with upset feelings and difficult situations.


HE.5.5.3 practice active listening skills (e.g., restating, individual and group conversation).


HE.5.5.4 show three acceptable ways to say “No” in a demonstration with peers.

HE 5.5.4  B


HE.5.5.5 explain the value of assertive strategies when asking for help in an emergency.


HE.5.5.6 practice assertiveness and refusal skills.