Primary Standard : Culture, Media, and Technology


Learning Plan Title: “Getting to Know You”


HE.5.4.4 Students will recognize and respect people's differences.

Performance Descriptor:

Mastery Level:  Students will identify factors that influence our individual wellness.


Crayons, drawing paper, colored paper

Learning Plan:

•  Cut 2 squares from each color of paper. Use each color for 2 squares.

•  Have students select a colored square from a box.

•  Have students find another person with the same color.

•  The two with same color will talk about what they like to do, such as: fishing, swimming, playing ball, etc.

•  Call time. Each will draw a picture illustrating what they have learned about their new friend.


Related Health Content Standards and Objectives:

HE.S.5 Communication

HE.5.5.1 Students will describe or demonstrate non-verbal expressions other than facial expressions.


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