*Grade 1*

Primary Standard: Health Behaviors


Learning Plan Title: “Acting Appropriately in an Emergency Situation”


HE.1.3.5 Demonstrate how to perform basic self-care/safety procedures.

Performance Descriptor:

Mastery Level:  Students will demonstrate basic self-care safety procedures.



Learning Plan:  

Q. How did Sally know her grandmother needed help fast?

A. Grandmother was in a lot of pain, and had trouble talking

Q. What did Bill do?

A. He called for help on the telephone.

Q. What did Sally say?

A. Her name, address, and what happened.

Q. What did the man on the telephone tell Sally to do first?

A. He told her to stay on the phone until he said it was okay to hang up.

Q. What is an emergency?

A. An emergency is when something bad happens and you need grown up help fast.

Q. How do you know when you need grown up help fast?

A. When someone is in a lot of pain, bleeding a lot, or can't be awakened.

Q. Can you think of any other emergencies?

A. Fire, etc.

Related Health Content Standards and Objectives:

Standard 2: Health Information and Services

HE.1.2.2  Students will demonstrate when and how to use 911.

Standard 6:  Goal Setting and Decision Making

HE.1.6.2  Students will decide when problems require the help of a trusted adult.

Standard 7:  Advocacy

HE.1.7.4  Students will identify ways to support positive interactions (e.g. listening to and following directions, following rules, showing care and concern toward others).

Additional Health Learning Plan Sites/Links:

http://www.sarpy.com/911/9-1-1_for_kids.htm (excellent site-copy and paste link to web browser)