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Professional Development Consortium


The Professional Development Consortium is a CDC-DASH  funded National Training Center for Coordinated School Health Programs.

The WVDE is a member of the Professional Development Consortium (PDC), commonly referred to as The Consortium, along with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention-Division of Adolescent and School Health (CDC-DASH) , New Mexico Public Education Department (NMPED), and the Rocky Mountain Center for Health Education (RMC).

PDC Mission:

The Professional Development Consortium provides professional development on content to CDC-DASH funded LEAs and SEAs for the purpose of strengthening HIV Prevention and Coordinated School Health Programs.

The PDC coordinates the selection of experienced presenters and develops training activities, materials and programs. It determines workshop topics and formulates training schedules and agendas based on collaborative planning decisions.

The PDC takes a customer service approach to running the training center and strives to make the logistical process of participating in a PDC event as pleasant as possible so that participants are not distracted from achieving the training objectives being addressed by the event agenda.

Building Competencies:

In consultation with DASH and other constituents, a need was identified related to defining the competencies needed for DASH funded positions. The precursor to the PRC was the Training and Development Consortium for School Health (TDC). That consortium developed a document entitled: Building Competencies for Managers and Staff of Coordinated School Health Programs

The document's two year development process included the input of a thirteen member writing team, fourteen pilot test sites and more than 100 project staff that participated in events to review, use and comment on the document. The document can be used to identify competency needs as stand-alone topics or within the context of risk behavior topics.