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There are approximately 265 Certified School Nurse serving 282,130 students in 733 public schools in the state of West Virginia during 2010-2011 school year.   In 2010-11 school year, West Virginia had 93 Licensed Practical Nurses serving as school services personnel under the supervision of the certified school nurse to assist with the direct health services to students  in West Virginia public schools.

Law Requirements:

Current law, W.Va. Code § 18-5-22 requires each county board to employ 1 school nurse per every 1500 children in grades kindergarten through seven; provided that each county shall employee full time at least one school nurse.


School Nurse Employment Requirements:

School nurses are required to have or obtain a Bachelors Degree in Nursing (BSN) and a Certification in School Nursing (CSN).   The following Schools of Nursing offer Certification in School Nursing:  Alderson-Broaddus College, Bluefield State College  (On-Line Certification Program), Fairmont State University (On-line Certification Program), and West Liberty State University.  If you are interested in a Certification in School Nursing, please enroll in a program today!  For more information related to WVDE School Nurse Requirements for Employment, please review Policy 5202-  Licensure of Professional/Paraprofessional Personnel.   


Certification Presentation for School Nurses NEW!!

(Certificate, Permit, Authorization and Substitutes)

PDF / PowerPoint


School Nurse Evaluation

The WV Council of School Nurses have developed an optional school nurse evaluation tool.  The version are provided in EXCEL and PDF.


School Nurse Mentorship Manual

In the Spring of 2006 a committee of school nurses came together to develop a much needed mentorship manual for school nurses.  currently no law exist to ensure school nurse have a mentor but some county boards of education may choose to incorporate a mentor for all new hires.  Please click on the above link to download the manual.

SAMPLE School Personnel Organizational Chart



West Virginia school nurses go above and beyond the call of duty.  Many spend countless hours developing prevention programs, ensuring coverage for student health needs, training school personnel to do basic and specialized procedures, developing 504 Plans, attending IEP meetings, traveling from one school to the next, managing and monitoring student health, implementing wellness programs for school staff and providing children with a positive and caring learning environment.  A BIG thank you to all school nurses for ensuring students receive quality health and education in WV public schools.

Who Is YOUR School Nurse?

West Virginia School Nurses Per County


School Nurse Data Form

If your contact information has changed or you are a new school nurse, please fill out the School Nurse Data Form and submit.  You may also email the form to kgarten@k12.wv.us or lfpayne@access.k12.wv.us or fax it to 304-558-3787.  The Office of Healthy Schools maintains an electronic listserv to communicate with school nurses statewide.  Providing us with your information is the only way we know of address changes or new hires.  Thank you for helping us communicate school health information to you!



WVSIIS WebEx for Entering Historical Immunizations from April 3, 2014 @ 2:30pm




Description of April 3, 2014 WVSIIS WebEx is below:


Going Beyond the Read-Only Access…

A webinar for School Nurses to obtain “Write-Ability” to WV State Immunization Information System

In this webinar school nurses learn how to enter historical vaccination data, view vaccination records and access school nurse reports.  In the end, participants will obtain personal secured school nursing access to enter historical vaccination records into the WV Immunization Information System.  The presenters are Jeff Neccuzi, Director of the WVBPH-Division of Immunization Serves and Pam Reynolds, WVBPH-WVSIIS Information Quality Services Coordinator.



2014 WVEIS-iDevice Health App



2013 West Virginia Asthma Initiative

(Spacers and Peak Flow Meters)



Automated External Debfibrillator (AED)

- WVDHHR OEMS Early Defibrillation Program Registration Guidelines

- SAMPLE County Procedures Document

- SAMPLE AED Affiliation Agreement

- SAMPLE AED Policy and Procedure

- SAMPLE AED Policy with Highlights

- SAMPLE AED Class List

Reserve the Lions Club Spot  Vision Screener TODAY

Spot Vision Screeners are so easy to use and give you a wealth of information to take to the eye doctor. The Lions District Kidsight Coordinators are in four districts in West Virginia so CLICK HERE to locate your district coordinator.  Requests to use the equipment should be made in cooperation of a local Lions Club, the District Coordinator will know how to contact each Lions Club in your district to reserve the Spot Vision Screener.



DIABETES in WV Public Schools



Fresh Fruits and Vegetable Program

2013/14 School Participants for the Fruits and Vegetable Program 


Special Dietary Needs Guidance Document for the WV Form:

USDA-Food and Nutrition Service Document-Accommodating Children with Food and Nutrition Service Special Dietary Needs in the School Nutrition Programs-Guidance for School Food Service Staff.  Please visit the WVDE-Office of Child Nutrition website for more information at http://wvde.state.wv.us/nutrition/ or contact Celeste Peggs at crpeggs@access.k12.wv.us or call (304)558-2708.



State of West Virginia Board of Examiners for Registered Professional Nurses

Please click on the following titles to view current letters of clarification regarding school nursing practice:

1.  Field Trips

2.  Dietary Supplements

3.  Medication Repackaging

4.  Delegation versus Observation

5.  Off-Label Medication

6.  Over-the-Counter Medication (More information was published in the 2004 Board of Nursing   

     Newsletter at http://www.wvrnboard.com/images/pdf/newssum04.pdf). 

7.  Bus Drivers administering medications and unlicensed school personnel checking insulin dosages


The National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN)

If you are interest in finding contact information and websites to each state Board of Nursing lease visit this website at https://www.ncsbn.org/515.htm.



SB 53 was passed in the Spring of 2006 allowing a 1 million dollar appropriation for counties caring for children with specialized health care needs in the public school setting under a physician's order and parent permission with care from the certified school nurse.  The ten procedures elected for are insulin by injection, insulin by pump, metered dose inhaler, rectal diazepam, vagal nerve stimulator, sterile catheterization, sterile suctioning, emergency care and cleaning of trach tube and stoma, emergency replacement of tracheostomy tube and mechanical ventilator. 

An electronic health care plan was developed to allow for standardization, accountability and quality in managing the ten specialized procedures.  Five trainings have been held statewide to assist in developing the EHCP and selecting the procedures for funding.  Please go to https://wveis.k12.wv.us/nclb/Snurse/Health/signon.cfm?Secure=1 and enter your personal county approved WVEIS ID number and personal county password to access the EHCP.  If you (school nurses only) are not allowed access, please contact Linda Payne at lfpayne@access.k12.wv.us or call 304-558-8830 with your name, county and WVEIS ID number for registration to access the EHCP.    I thank you in advance for working with us as we embark on a new standardized procedure for managing the requirements of school health policies, data and quality assurance for student health records.

FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions) of the Electronic Health Care Plan

WVEIS Electronic HealthCare Plan Instructional Video

This video will provide you with voice activated step-by-step instructions for using the WVEIS-Electronic Health Care Plan website.  Should you have further questions or need technical assistance , please contact Linda Payne at lfpayne@access.k12.wv.us or call 304-558-8830




School Nurse Needs Assessment



The School Nurse Needs Assessment is an executive summary of the current student health service needs in WV public schools.  It is an aggregated report of statewide data.  The report is required by W.Va. Code 18-5-22from each county school nurse and normally completed every two years to allow revision to the Basic and Specialized Health Care Procedure Manual for WV Public Schools as stated in Policy 2422.7- Standards for Health Care Procedures.   This report should be utilized in planning for staffing and service delivery to provide WV children with proper health services to function at an optimal level and ensure educational achievement.


2014-15 School Nurse Needs Assessment Brief NEW!

A one-page School Nurse Needs Assessment Brief has been created for a quick review of the state distribution of certified school nurses,student screenings and students with medical/health conditions.  A big thank you to all the school nurses participating in the survey.  Please click on the above link to view the brief. 


2014-15 School Nurse Needs Assessment Full Report NEW!

Schools have the responsibility of promoting student health through screenings and education, providing free health services and ensuring complex health care procedures are provided to children during the school day.  The ability to ensure the health and educational achievement of children in a safe, nurturing and disciplined environment is our mission.  Certified school nurses play a crucial role in meeting this need.  This report details the school nurse credentials, screenings and other provisions of school health services, student medical/health conditions and specialized health care procedures performed in West Virginia public schools. 

For more information, please contact Rebecca King, State School Nurse Consultant, WVDE-Office of Special Programs at rjking@k12.wv.us or 304-558-2696.


School Nurse Needs Assessment


The 2012-2013 School Nurse Needs Assessment Reports:



The 2010-2011 School Nurse Needs Assessment Reports:



The 2008-2009 School Nurse Needs Assessment Reports:






Seizures and You: Epilepsy Toolkit and Lesson Plans for Teachers and Trainers

One in 100 teenagers has epilepsy and one in ten people will have a seizure in their lifetime. Teens who have epilepsy face many challenges, such as explaining seizures to people, wondering how their friends are going to react, or never knowing when the next seizure is going to happen. To help middle and high school students learn about epilepsy, the Epilepsy Foundation created the Seizures and You: Take Charge of the Facts Toolkit for teachers and trainers. The toolkit includes one 45 minute basic lesson, facilitators’ guide, PPT presentation, fact sheet, and a student matching worksheet and quiz. The three Extended Learning lessons for health education, science and English classes cover Epilepsy, Stigma & Teens;  Epilepsy & Discrimination; and an Epilepsy Research Project. To download the toolkit and lesson plans go to http://www.takechargeteens.org/about_takecharge.html. If you have additional questions, or need further information, please send an email to takecharge@efa.org.

For more information about epilepsy go to:

The Epilepsy Foundation

Understanding Epilepsy


American Epilepsy Society


American Academy of Neurology


American Clinical Neurophysiology Society




The West Virginia HealthCheck Program - PREVENTIVE HEALTH SCREEN - Forms are available for use on the WVDHHR, BPH -Office of Maternal, Child, and Family Health, Division of Infant, Child, and Adolescent Health, HealthCheck Program website at http://www.wvdhhr.org/mcfh/ICAH/healthcheck/Default.htm

Click on "Provider Information"  and then "Health Screen Forms".

Defining the Role of the Certified Nurse Practitioner in the School Setting

 A committee of advanced practice nurses and school-based health representatives completed a document in the spring of 2007 to assist public schools in the employment and coordination of advance practice nursing services to students during the school day.  Please review this document by clicking on the above subtitle.



Past Presentations:

2015 WVASN Fall Conference PowerPoint Presentation

  • Defining the Role of the School Nurse in the 21st Century by Rebecca King