WVBE Policy 2422.7-Standards for Basic and Specialized Care plus Procedure Manual


WVBE Policy 2422.8-Medication Administration









Field Trips




WV Board of Education Policies 2422.7-Standards for Basic and Specialized Health Care Procedures and 2422.8-Medication Administration provide provisions for planning and notification of school field trips to the school administrator and school nurse.  The planning for a child with specialized health care needs becomes complex and time consuming since the ability to delegate care to school personnel or a nurse licensed in West Virginia to practice in another state is based on the board of nursing regulations within the state of destination or extended stay.


A nurse’s provision or delegation to a school employee of health services to students on out-of-state, school-sponsored curricular/co-curricular field trips is governed by the other state boards of nursing.  

Contact Information for State Boards of Nursing

NASN Board of Directors Letter on Fields Trips