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HB 2548-Diabetes Care Plan Act

SB 53-An appropriation to the state department of education to be distributed to county boards to support school health service needs that exceed the capacity of staff as mandated in W.Va. Code §18-5-22 and allowance of funding for a school nurses in couties not meeting a ratio of 1:1500 PreK-12, less existing nurses employed during the two thousand five-two thousand six school year, to the extent funds are available.

SB 785- Relating to school physical education requirements



HB 2816-Healthy Lifestyles

HB 2885-Tuberculosis Testing Requirements for Schools

Policy 2525- West Virginia's Universal Access to a Quality Early Education System -Go to section 9 Regulation of Facilities to view updates to health and safety requirements of WV PreK programs.


Past School Nurse Needs Assessments:

Schools have the responsibility of promoting student health through screenings and education, providing free health services and ensuring complex health care procedures are provided to children during the school day.  The ability to ensure the health and educational achievement of children in a safe, nurturing and disciplined environment is our mission.  Certified school nurses play a crucial role in meeting this need.  This report details the school nurse credentials, screenings and other provisions of school health services, student medical/health conditions and specialized health care procedures performed in West Virginia public schools.  Please contact Linda Payne at lfpayne@access.k12.wv.us or call 304-558-8830 for any questions.


2004-2005 School Nurse Needs Assessment

2004-2005 School Nurse Needs Assessment Brief

A one-page School Nurse Needs Assessment Brief has been created for a quick review of the state distribution of certified school nurses,student screenings and students with medical/health conditions.  The complete School Nurse Needs Assessment is posted on the Office of Healthy Schools home page and above.  A big thank you to the 187 school nurses participating in the survey.  Please click on the above link to view the brief.

2006-2007 School Nurse Needs Assessment








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