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This Comprehensive Guidance and Counseling Program Manual provides an important framework for a developmental, sequential program for students based on the national model. While the core of the framework lies in the student centered standards and competencies, the implementation of the national model is driven by school wide data that points to student needs.

The purpose of this program manual is twofold:

  • To provide background for all stakeholders in schools for understanding the paradigm shift in school counseling from monitoring process and measuring services delivered to focusing also on and measuring the results of school counseling programs and services.
  • To provide practical support for the school counselor by its inclusion of program implementation and best practices sections. A categorized resource listing offers assistance to school counselors as they lead the way to address student needs in their respective schools.

Essential to the successful implementation of the programmatic model are two basic beliefs: Students are more important than the system, and the school counselor is an essential member of the educational team.

The Manual can be downloaded by clicking on the individual tabs. 


1 Introduction Tab One
2 Philosophy Tab Two
3 Background Tab Three
4 WV Laws and Policies related to school counseling Tab Four
5 School counseling program implementation Tab Five
6 Best Practices in WV School Counseling Programs Tab Six
7 A-Z resources for school counselors

Tab Seven

Additional Resources for Tab Seven (1)

8 Crosswalks Tab Eight
9 Appendices Tab Nine
10 Sample Forms Sample Forms







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