2005 Academy Evaluation Comments

Super Experience!

Great opportunity.

This was the best experience I have had in my teaching career.

This was the most valuable ad rewarding training I have ever attended.

I feel that this was a great thing for physical education teachers and should be continued.

This was a wonderful idea!

Much thanks!

For our profession to continue to grow, I fell this academy must continue.

I believe the academy is very worthwhile.

Thanks so much for the wonderful opportunity.

This has been a tremendous experience.

Hopefully, the entire state can be represented in future academies.

Overall, I felt I learned a lot of techniques, strategies, and skill development pertinent to a successful PE program.

I feel blessed to be a part of the Academy.

The Academy has been helpful and fun.

I really enjoyed all of our conferences and the professional development.

Overall, it was time well spent.  Our mentors were wonderful.

Loved the experience.

Great job.

Loved every minute of it and would not change a thing.

I enjoyed the participation in the academy.