LINKS Implementation Survey

Purpose: This survey will be used by WVDE staff to analyze the implementation of advisory programs in West Virginia and alignment with the LINKS Advisory Model. Information will used to inform revisions to program and to determine effectiveness of support services and resource materials and for research purposes. Schools may access their individual school information (raw data) to evaluate implementation effectiveness and plan changes in your program or to guide professional development by contacting Barbara Ashcraft

Directions: This survey should be completed by your LINKS coordinator. If your school does not have a LINKS coordinator, a member of the Guidance and Advisement or LINKS steering committee (counselor, principal, lead teacher) can complete this survey. Please complete the survey by January 30, 2013. If your school has grade level coordinators, ask each grade level coordinator to complete this survey. If you do not know the answer to any of the questions, please consult other members of your steering committee or school staff.

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Number of Students:
First Name:
Last Name:

What is your job title?

How long have you been implementing a student advisory program? (will not receive a numerical score)

With which grade level(s) was LINKS implemented?

Did you offer LINKS for credit?

If yes, amount of annual credit

If you did not offer LINKS for credit, do you plan to offer it for credit next year?

Other student support programs at our school include:

Implementation Assessment developed by Barbara Ashcraft, School Counseling Coordinator
West Virginia Department of Education
and was adapted (with permission) from the
TAA Advisory Assessment Rubric
Developed by Career and Support Services Team
Oklahoma Department of Career and Technology Education