Highly Qualified Plans

No Child Left Behind requires that states set a goal for the percentage of highly qualified teachers. West Virginia's goal for highly qualified is set at 100%.

The standard of highly qualified has been defined and set to ensure that all teachers have the basic skills required to effectively educate students. While the state's goal is set high, there are school districts in West Virginia that have met this goal. The key to successfully working to meet this goal is the creation and implementation of effective highly qualified plans. Every county school district is required to have a written highly qualified plan that outlines efforts to recruit, retain and retrain highly qualified teachers and administrators. Components of effective highly qualified plans are similar to those of the 5 year strategic plan and include:

  • Analyzing Data to Identify Obstacles
  • Identifying a Mission, Beliefs and Vision (Collective Goal Setting)
  • Identifying Resources and Creating a Plan
  • Communicating the Plan
  • Implementing the Plan
  • Reflection and Revision of the Plan


In the attachments below you will find examples of highly qualified plans that may inspire you to think about ways in which your county may be able to increase it's percentage of highly qualified teachers. We ask that you review and reflect upon ideas from other districts, but do not copy them word for word.

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