Grant Application Process

Title II and Title VI

The Title II and Title VI grant application is part of the strategic planning process. In strategic planning, stakeholders collaboratively analyze data sources at least annually to create or modify a plan for continuous school improvement. Once the core plan is created, a work plan must also be created to outline the planned cost objectives of proposed grant funding. Once a plan is submitted by the LEA and approved by the SEA, the school district may only use Title II and Title VI funding in ways that are described within the approved work plan on WVEIS. Diverting from this plan is made possible only through the budget transfer or plan resubmission process.

Access your plan on WVEIS.

Important Dates for Plan Submission

  • May 30 - Preliminary Budget Due
  • July 1 - WVDE review of plans for approval begins
  • September 15 - Strategic Plan for Title II and Title VI Due

Important Notes About Plan Submission

  • You may submit plans earlier, but not later than the dates listed above in working to meet the requirements for grant application and approval.
  • As you identify action steps for Title II and RLIS, be sure to identify the individual source of funds used and all expenditures that you plan to implement with the funding.
  • Budgets, Content and Compliances on WVEIS are pulled from the plan each time a director hits submit under their Print/Submissions for Title II and RLIS.
  • To submit a finalized plan you must hit the submit button. Creating a PDF will only request a print copy and does not count toward meeting federal program deadlines.

The Budget Submission Process

  1. The Federal Program Director works with the Treasurer to create a budget that includes all projected expenditures of the funding source.
  2. The treasurer properly inputs budget data into FIMS and WVEIS FMS.
  3. The Federal Programs Director may review their submission on WVEIS.
  4. All budget data must be available on WVEIS before a new Title II or RLIS plan is submitted, if it is to show up on the last page of the plan (which is required for plan approval).

Work Plan Definitions

  • Goals of the work plan identify areas in which the district would like to improve.
  • Objectives of the work plan identify the specific benchmarks by which the county will measure success.
  • Action Steps identify the specific actions or expenditures that will take place in working to meet the county's goals.

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