Title VI

Title VI funds have been used to appropriately fund the following positions:

  • Administration (up to 5% of the total allocation)
  • Interventionists (up to 100% of the total allocation, but ONLY if used as part of a larger Title I program)
  • Academic Coaches (up to 100% if the total allocation)

Employees may also be funded by Title VI if they are deemed eligible as part of a larger program listed below:

  • Title I
  • Title II Part D
  • Title III
  • Title II Part A
  • Title II Part D
  • Title III
  • Title IV Part A (Safe & Drug Free Schools)
  • Title IV Part B (21st Century Community Learning Centers)
  • Title V Part A (State Grants of Innovative Programs)

Title VI funding used to employ individuals deemed eligible as part of one of these programs must be governed by guidelines of the qualifying program. Classroom Size Reduction Teachers may NOT be funded by Title VI.

Time and Effort

OMB Circular A-87 requires that all employees of the school district who are funded by Title II, Part A or Title VI must complete time and effort documentation. Individuals who are not employed by the school district and work as part of a contractual service are not required to keep time and effort documentation.


Standard 7.9

Where employees work on multiple activities or cost objectives, the distribution of their salaries is supported by personnel activity reports or equivalent documentation.

Required documentation

Monthly time and effort documentation, signed by the employee or supervisory official.

Standard 7.10

Where employees are expected to work solely on a single federal award or cost objective, the charges for their salaries and wages are supported by periodic certifications (prepared at least semi-annually) certifying the employees worked solely on that program for the period covered by the certification.

Required documentation

Semi-annual written statement of single program assignment for those paid from on program's fund, signed by the employee or supervisory official.

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