Tracking Requirements

LEAs must ensure that 100% of core subject area teachers are annually engaged in high quality professional development as defined by NCLB.

High Quality Professional Development requires:

  1. Based on scientific research
  2. Based on the needs of the school district
  3. Sustained and ongoing training(s)
  4. Review collaboration is provided

Core Subject Areas are:

  • English and reading or language arts
  • mathematics
  • science
  • foreign languages
  • civics and government, economics, history, geography
  • arts (including music, dance, theater, art, etc.)
  • special education (because they teach core subject area information to students)

A percentage must be recorded annually for every year of the 3 year monitoring cycle.

Programs that districts are using to meet this requirement include:

Electronic Register Online

Integrity Developers

My Learning Plan

PD Express

  • John Wills
  • Lucid Data Corporation
  • 101 Main Street
  • Mildford, OH 45140
  • 866-582-4373 (Toll Free)


Note: The WVDE does not recommend or endorse the use of any one tracking system over another. The programs listed are currently being used by federal program directors in LEAs of WV.

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