HQT Data

Use the following links to access each county's highly qualified teacher data:

In order to ensure that the county data is accurate, each district must keep a list of all non-highly qualified teachers. This list should include individualized plans for each non-highly qualified teacher that provide the following information:

  • the name of each person
  • their school
  • subject area
  • certification status
  • county plan of action for helping the individual become highly qualified or placing a highly qualified teacher in the position
  • identification of the approved teacher preparation program the teacher is enrolled in

Note: You may find an example of one county's format for an individualized HQT plan in the attachments.

Once a county list has been created, this list must be compared to the state's highly qualified teacher listing to ensure that a percentage is being reported accurately. To access the state listing, please follow these instructions:

  1. Go to WVEIS
  2. Select the WVEIS Web tab
  3. On the left hand side select County, Highly Qualified
  4. Log-in
  5. Select compliance preparation, select parameters (on the left hand side)
  6. You will select the specific school in the county you wish to review. Principals will only be able to view the school of which they are assigned.
  7. Select Obtain Report (the larger schools will take longer to load)
  8. You may copy and paste the document into Microsoft Word. Use the narrative column to make notes regarding changes, issues, etc.

Highly Qualified Title I Elementary Teacher Document

Individualized HQT Plans

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