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Research Design








EDPACE Presentations




June 2004 NECC New Orleans
July 2004 West Virginia State Technology Conference Charleston, WV
March 2005 CoSN Washington, D.C.
June 2005 NECC Philadelphia

October 2005


Washington , D.C.

July 2006

High Schools That Work

Nashville , TN

July 2006 NECC San Diego

July 2006

West Virginia Virtual School Advisory Board Meeting

Charleston , WV

August 2006

West Virginia State Technology Conference

Charleston , WV

October 2006

West Virginia State Conference for Educators of the Gifted

Canaan Valley State Park , Davis , WV

October 2006


Washington , DC

October 2006

West Virginia Board of Education

Welch, West Virginia

November 2006 American Evaluation Association  

November 2006

Technology & Learning Conference

Dallas , TX

April 2007 AERA Chicago

June 2007


Atlanta , Georgia



EDPACE Research Brief (pdf)

For dissemination also see http://www.setdatapp.org.

For information about conducting scientifically-based evaluations also see   http://www.evaluationspringboard.org/

For further information about the Virtual Spanish Program, see the featured story in the George Lucas Foundation's EDUTOPIA magazine  http://www.edutopia.org/node/2973

The West Virginia Virtual Spanish program received the bronze award for Excellence in Distance Learning: ttp://www.usdla.org/html/events/dlAwards_05.htm



Networking and Dissemination Activities
through May 2007


National Conference Presentations

State Educational Technology Directors Association (SETDA) Leadership Institute, December 2003

National Educational Computing Conference (NECC), June 2004

National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL), July 2004

Consortium of School Networking (CoSN), March 2005

Association of Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD), April 2005

National Association of Elementary School Principals (NAESP), April 2005

NECC, June 2005

American Association of School Librarians (AASL), October 2005

SETDA Leadership Summit , October 2005

National School Boards Association (NSBA T+L), October 2005

FETC, March 2006

CoSN, March 2006

ASCD, April 2006

American Education Research Association (AERA), April 2006

Association of Education Publishers (AEP), June 2006

SETDA Leadership Summit , October 2006

SETDA Education Forum: Competitiveness with ASCD, CCSSO, NCSL, and Partnership for 21 st Century Skills, October 2006

FETC, January 2007

NCSL, February 2007

SIIA Policy Summit , March 2007

CoSN, March 2007

American Education Research Association (AERA), April 2007

ASCD, April 2006

Heller Reports Roundtable, May 2007


Upcoming Conferences: Proposals Submitted or Approved

NECC, June 2007

SETDA Leadership Summit , November 20007

FETC, January 2008

ASCD, April 2008 (partnership track)

NASSP, Spring 2008


Press (Sampling)

Multimedia School , November 2004

School Library Journal, December 2004

District Administration Daily, November 2004

THE Journal, April 2004

THE Journal, July 2004

SIIA Ed Tech Daily, November 2004

Heller Reports, November 2004

ASCD Smart Brief, December 2004

eSchool News Newsletter, December 2004 and February 2005

THE Journal Newsletter, December 2004

THE Journal, July 2005, IA

eSchoolNews, Ed Week, Heller Reports, Center for Digital Education Technology Round-Up, TechLearning, THE Newsletter, FETC Connections, March 2006

Ed Week, May 2006

CBS News.com, June 2006

Heller Reports, Tech Daily, TechLearning, June 2006

THE Journal, July 2006

Threshold Magazine on Personalized Instruction, Winter 2006

eSchoolNews, monthly State Tech Trends column, February, March, April, and May, 2007

National Journal, eSchoolNews, THE Technology Trends, March 2007

eSchoolNews, National Journal, THE Journal, April 2007

THE Journal, July 2007 (Upcoming)





TAPP Virtual and In-Person Roundtables

•  October 2003

•  February, 2004

•  April, 2004

•  July, 2004

•  November, 2004 (in-person at SETDA's NLI)

•  January, 2005

•  April, 2005

•  June, 2005 (in-person at NECC)

•  August, 2005

•  October, 2005

•  January, 2006

•  April, 2006

•  August, 2006

•  January, 2007

•  May, 2007 (2)