A Transition School is -

A school that has either met its target based on its West Virginia Accountability Index (WVAI) score; OR demonstrates that a majority of its subgroups are meeting proficiency-based Annual Measurable Objective (AMOs).

A school that may be demonstrating one or more of the following:

  • Low achievement
  • High achievement gaps
  • Low observed growth
  • Low adequate growth
  • Low attendance/graduation rates
transistion school image

How are Transition schools identified?

Prior to Transition school identification, all identified Priority and Focus schools are removed from the statewide list of schools. Then, the following process is used:

What are the expectations and supports for a Transition school?

The majority of services for schools identified as a Transition school will be led by the local school district, with capacity building support from the Regional Education Service Agency (RESA) and limited WVDE support.

A Transition school has some flexibility in determining necessary interventions based on the leadership provided by the local school district.

Local schools systems may partner with RESAs and other external providers to provide professional development, technical assistance and interventions, and to implement school improvement strategies.

Specific expectations for Transition schools include:

How are Transition schools reviewed for Reward school designation?

A Transition school that is ranked among the highest 10% of schools for growth, without significant achievement gaps, will be designated as a High Progress Reward school.

High Progress Reward schools will be recognized by the West Virginia Board of Education (WVBE) for their exemplary efforts. Specific recognitions will include:

How long is a school designated as a Transition school?

The unique school WVAI and subgroup proficiency-based AMO targets increase each year. Therefore, a school's designation is determined on an annual basis after certification of the statewide assessment results.