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A Support School is -

A school that did not meet its West Virginia Accountability Index (WVAI) target AND did not demonstrate that a majority of its subgroups are making sufficient academic progress against proficiency-based Annual Measurable Objectives (AMOs).

Is not ranked among the lowest 5% of persistently low performing schools, BUT its WVAI score and progress against AMOs are among the lowest in the state. This is indicative of below average achievement and little or no growth.

Requires extensive and targeted school improvement efforts.

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How are Support schools identified?

A WVAI score is calculated for each school and compared to each school's unique WVAI target.

  • Each school's valid subgroup (20 or more members) proficiency-based AMO is then calculated and measured against its unique subgroup proficiency-based AMO target.
  • Prior to Support school identification, all Priority and Focus schools are removed from the statewide list of schools.
  • Then, each school that does not meet its WVAI target or a majority of its subgroup proficiency-based AMO targets is identified as a Support school.
  • Each school that does not meet the 95% participation criteria for any valid subgroup is automatically identified as a Support School.

What are the expectations and supports for a Support school?

  • It is recommended that Support school implement the USDE Turnaround Principles, which align to the WV Standards for High Quality Schools (WVBE Policy 2322).
  • The local school system and the Regional Education Service Agency (RESA) will partner to provide professional development, technical assistance and interventions.
  • Specific supports/resources to implement the Support school improvement plans will be developed through collaborative efforts of all partners.
    Specific expectations include:
    • Completing an extended Strategic Plan.
    • Receiving annual progress reviews by their local school district and board of education.
    • Receiving ESEA monitoring during the regular monitoring cycle to review progress.


How long is a school designated as a Support school?

The unique school WVAI and subgroup proficiency-based AMO targets increase each year. Therefore, a school's designation is determined on an annual basis after certification of the statewide assessment results.