A Priority School is -

Identified as being among the lowest 5% of Title I schools in the State based on the achievement of the "All Students" group in terms of proficiency on statewide assessments; and has demonstrated a historical lack of progress on those assessments over the past three years.

Part of a cohort that is identified every three years.

Provided targeted and strategic supports focused on identified weaknesses.

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How are Priority schools identified?

What happens after being designated a Priority school?

A school improvement coordinator is assigned to each Priority school. This coordinator will facilitate implementation of the West Virginia School Improvement Framework for Priority Schools.

The framework includes the following components:

What are the expectations and supports for a Priority School?

How does a school exit Priority status?

Priority schools, due to their significant need, will only be eligible to exit Priority status at the conclusion of the third year of their cohort. A school may exit Priority status and be eligible for alternative designation when the following criteria are met: