e-Learning for Educators
Course Schedule

WVDE eLearning for West Virginia Educators Fall 2019 Course Schedule
Class Dates: Oct 07, 2020 to Nov 24, 2020
Registration Dates: Sep 01, 2020 to Oct 06, 2020

  1. All About Addiction: Understanding Opioids and other Addicting Substances
  2. Balanced Reading Diet Grades Pre-K Through 5
  3. Blended Delivery of Instruction
  4. Building Reading Fluency Grades K-5
  5. Classroom Management for Educators
  6. Computer Science Introduction to GIS
  7. Creating Your Personal Learning Network (PLN)
  8. Cyber Safety for Educators
  9. Designing a Virtual Field Trip
  10. Developing and Implementing WebQuests
  11. Differentiating Instruction
  12. Digital Citizenship for Educators
  13. Digital Storytelling
  14. Early Childhood Read Aloud Strategies and Practices
  15. Early Numeracy Grades Pre-K Through Grade 1
  16. Finding the Best Education Resources on the Web
  17. Helping Struggling Readers Improve Comprehension
  18. Improving Reading and Writing in the Content Area
  19. National Board Awareness and Preparation
  20. Office 365 Applications for Classroom Instruction
  21. Pre-K Lead Teacher Assessment
  22. Pre-K Lead Teacher Child Development
  23. Pre-K Lead Teacher Curriculum
  24. Pre-K Lead Teacher Family and Community
  25. Pre-K Lead Teacher Language and Literacy
  26. Pre-K Lead Teacher Special Needs Inclusion
  27. Project Based Learning
  28. Rethinking Vocabulary Grades K-5
  29. School Nurses: Renewing Your Knowledge in School Nursing
  30. School Nurses: Type I Diabetes
  31. Teaching and Learning With Mobile Devices for Active WV Educators
  32. Text Sets: K Through Grade 5 for Active WV Educators
  33. The Developmentally Responsive Middle School for Active WV Educators
  34. Universal Design for Learning Special Students in Regular Classrooms (UDL)
  35. Using Rubrics to Guide Student Learning
  36. West Virginia Comprehensive School Counseling Programs: Design and Implementation
  37. Word Study Grades K Through Grade 5
  38. Writing Stages and Development Grades Pre-K-5
  39. Young Adult Literature