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Learn 21: PreK-Kindergarten Resource Identification, Review and Submission**
Course Description

This course will be devoted to locating and reviewing the best resources on the web for PreK-K students. Two readings will be provided as the initial introduction for each course session. There will be an abundant number of activities each week. All activities will be designed to assist participants with the Learn 21 review process (i.e. examples of approved/not approved Learn 21 resources; steps for the Learn 21 review and submission process.) Participants will submit 4-6 resources via an online process during sessions 1-6 with the expectation that they have a minimum of 5 resources approved by WVDE or a maximum of 10 resources approved by WVDE. All course participants must be certified by WVDE to teach prek-k and they must also be currently employed as a teacher in a West VIrginia. Course participants will field test identified resources with students they teach and provide course feedback regarding the implementation of identified resources with their students. A WVDE WebTop account will be required for this course.

**This course meets the technology requirement for recertification.

This course will require a minimum of 45 hours to complete. A stipend is available to teachers participating in this course. The stipend will be awarded upon successful course completion of all course requirements and will reflect the number of resources approved by WVDE: 5-9 approved resources = $250 and 10 or more approved resources = $500.

This course requires average to advanced-level technology skills.

**Participants in this course must be employed as a PreK teacher or as a Kindergarten teacher.

Course Syllabus


Learn 21: PreK-Kindergarten Resource Identification, Review and Submission**


This is the second of a series of courses to be designed for the identification and submission of resources to be reviewed for inclusion on the WVDE Learn 21 Web site. This course is specific to the indentification and submission of PreK and Kindergarten Learn 21 resources for the areas of English Language Arts, mathematics, science, social studies, health-wellness, visual arts and music.

By the end of this course, participants will will initiate and successfully complete the identification, review and submission process for first and second grade resources for:
  • Reading Language Arts
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Social Studies
  • Health and Wellness
  • Visual Art or Music


Course Organization
This course includes several different activity components, all of which are described below. During each session, you will participate in a unique collection of these activity components, depending on the particular focus of that session.

When you see this icon you will be reading relevant articles, resources, and instructional materials that will help inform your online course development process.

When you see this icon you will be completing activity-based curriculum and inputting various components of your course content into course project.

When you see this icon you will be using the online discussion board to share ideas, resources, and thoughtful conversation with your fellow course participants and facilitator.
All course participants must be full-time employed teachers in a West Virginia school system and assigned to a frist or second grade classroom.
Format and Requirements
This workshop is divided into six one-week sessions which each include readings, activities, and an online discussion among workshop participants. The time necesaary to complete each session is estimated to be two to four hours.

The outline for the workshop is as follows:
Session One English Language Arts Resources
Session Two Math Resources
Session Three Science Resources
Session Four Social Studies Resources
Session Five Health-Wellness Resources
Session Six Visual Arts or Music Resources

Session One will be devoted to locating and reviewing the best Reading Languages Arts resources on the web for first and second grade students. Two readings will be provided as the initial introduction to this session. There will be an abundant number of activities this week. All activities will be designed to assist particpants with the Learn 21 review process (i.e. links to the WVDE CSOs as well as previously approved Learn 21 resources; example of approved/not approved Learn 21 resources; steps for the Learn 21 review and submission process.) The discussion forum for this course is a bit different from other WVDE eLearning courses. Participants will be responding to one course colleague each week and reading all discussion posts and threads. The format for Session Two through Session Six will closely follow the Session One format. Each session will feature two readings, examples of accepted/not-accepted Learn 21 resources and instructions for reviewing and submitting resources.

Learn 21 Online Resource Review Form (This will become available during Session One)


Assessments for this course are:

1. The identification, review, submission and approval of six to ten resources for inclusion on the WVDE Learn 21 website.
2. Posting to the course discussion with an original post no later than Sunday evening. Course discussion guidelines are to be folllowed when posting to the discussion forum.
3. Responding to one course colleague as per the directions provided in each course session no later than Tuesday evening.
4. Reading of all discussion responses and threads in all sessions by Tuesday evening.
5. Completing the pre-course and the post-course surveys in the provide timeframe.
6. Following all course requirements as set forth in the WVDE eLeanring Participant Memorandum of Understanding (MOU.)

Certificate of Completion
Upon successful completion of this course, Learn 21 Resource Review and Submission Elem Grades 1-2, participants will receive a Certificate of Completion documenting successful completion of the course requirements. Certificates are distributed to each qualifying participant via email shortly after the completion of the course.
Graduate Credit Information

Participants in this course are eligible to receive non-degree graduate credits from either West Virginia University or Marshall University. Credits will be awarded at the end of the semester in which the course occurs. Additional information is available on the course News/Welcome Page.

Content and Technology Standards

This workshop, Learn 21 Resource Review and Submission Elem Grades 1-2, will help participants meet the ISTE Educational Technology Standards and Performance Indicators for All Teachers (http://edtechleaders.org/documents/NETSAdminTeachers.pdf), especially Standards II, III, IV, and V. For more information about Technology Integration visit: http://www.iste.org

In addition, participants will identify specific WV Content Standards and Objectives (http://wvde.state.wv.us/csos/) as they engage in course content.

About this Course

This workshop was developed for the West Virginia Department of Education (http://wvde.state.wv.us). Original design (before format modifications) by EdTech Leaders Online (http://www.edtechleaders.org), a project of Education Development Center, Inc, © 2007.  All rights reserved.